Infamous Asylums

Infamous Asylums

Although psychiatric institutions have changed considerably over the past 60 years, they have once been the place of systematic abuse, barbaric treatments and extreme punishment. Treating the patients as inmates, the archaic asylums were surrounded by high metal fences with the patients locked in their over crowded dormitories. Many of the patients had no mental disorder at all, and were simply suffering from social inadequacies and anxiety issues.

Rather than being a hospital for the mentally ill, such asylums were used as a social dustbin. Those who were deemed troublesome or different were sent to insane asylums, where they were left to live out their days behind bars.

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Infamous Asylums and Institutions

Ashworth Bedlam Broadmoor

Danvers State High Royds Pilgrim

Rampton Secure Hospital Seacliff Lunatic Asylum Souris Valley

St The Athens Lunatic Asylum Topeka State Hospital