Barbara and Patricia Grimes were teenage sisters who went missing in December 1956. The case attracted major press coverage, including a plea for the girls to return home from Elivs Presley. Many people claimed they had seen the girls in the hours after they disappeared, but their bodies were found in January the following year. No one has ever been convicted of the crime, and the case remains a mystery to this day.Read More →

*Warning! Content contains graphic images* Throughout the 1930s, the “Cleveland Torso Murderer” stalked the streets of Cleveland, Ohio. The killer dismembered at least twelve victims, and left the residents of Cleveland in a state of shock and terror. Also known as “The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run,” the perpetrator has never been officially identified, leaving this case one of the biggest murder mysteries of the 20th century.Read More →

*Warning! Content contains graphic images* Elizabeth Short was an aspiring American actress who was murdered in Los Angeles, California in 1947. She was sliced in two at the waist, her mouth slashed and her body drained entirely of blood before her body was displayed naked in Leimert Park. The press dubbed her the Black Dahlia, in what many believe to be a Film Noir pun, and despite suspicions, no one has ever been convicted of her death.Read More →