*Warning! Content contains graphic images* For many years, the only way to capture an image was through the work of an artist. The rich nobility and upper classes could afford to pay the high prices for their grand portraits, but the lower and middle classes were priced out of the market. Thus, for the vast majority of the general public, it was not possible to obtain pictures or images of their loved ones.Read More →

Freak shows are exhibitions of people who have a wide range of biological rarities, shown to the public as a form of entertainment. Although in today’s culture such shows are deemed as exploitative and demeaning, freak shows have been enjoyed by thousands of people across the world for centuries.Read More →

Halloween is also known as All Hallows’ Eve, and falls on the night before the Christian ceremony, All Hallow. (Also known as All Saint’s day.) This fact drives many people to believe that Halloween is a Christian ceremony, yet many historians argue that it is the Pagan religion which spawned our autumn celebrations.Read More →