Madame LaLaurie was an American socialite in the early 19th century, known for the torture and murder of multitudes of slaves. The New Orleans house which was occupied by Delphine LaLaurie still stands today on the ajoining corner of Royal street and Governor Nicholls Street. Upon LaLaurie’s swift departure, the house was burned and remained in ruins until approximatley 1888 when it was “unrecognisably restored.”Read More →

Although Mary Ann Cotton’s murderous reign ended over 100 years ago, she remains as one of Britain’s most notorious serial killers. Unlike most serial killers, Mary Ann Cotton knew all of her victims intimately. She allegedly murdered her mother, three husbands, a lover, her best friend, five children that were living in her care and ten of her own children. Mary’s clear defiance of maternal instinct has set her apart from serial killers around the world, turning her into a household name.Read More →

Jack the Ripper was the name given to an unknown killer, who murdered five prostitutes in Whitechapel, London in 1888. He created a media sensation and public outrage as he prowled the dimly lit streets of the East End, undetected and killing at will. For over a century, experts have theorised the truth behind the killer, in a desperate attempt to finally put a face to the infamous name of Jack the Ripper.Read More →

Elizabeth Bathory is renowned across the world for her sadistic tendencies and cruel nature. It is alleged that she killed up to 650 victims, ranging from young servants to those of nobility, and took great pleasure in their pain and eventual demise. The facts regarding Elizabeth Bathory have long been obscured by myth, legend and speculative fabrication, turning a sadistic killer into a vampiric matriarch.Read More →

The notorious Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia left behind a gruesome legacy that has, in time, entwined with folklore and myth. Tales of torture and sadistic killings have spread through countries and cultures, each viewing Vlad in their own unique perspective.Read More →