About us

Here at Guts and Gore we do not in any way condone or endorse the cruelty and violence that is displayed within our pages. Our work serves as a psychological evaluation of the criminal mind, attempting to understand what drives human beings to act in such a horrific and barbaric manner. Are these criminals are born ‘evil’ or are they created as a product of their environment?

About us

We examine the measures which have been taken to remove such people from society throughout history, including the death sentence, life in prison and hospitals for the criminally insane. Read about our Infamous Asylums and Notorious Prisons to discover the details which surround the forms of punishment designated for the most heinous of criminals.

All written content is owned and created by A. Hardman, a horror writer and gore enthusiast, with the intention of providing accurate information of a dark and sinister nature. For queries, suggestions or comments, please visit our Contact Us page.


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